What To Do With My Inheritance?

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Being left a collection or a valuable object often feels like a big responsibility. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when dealing with boxes and boxes of things. Sorting is often a daunting task which can also be an emotional time. 

In my experience it can be the unassuming pieces that turn out to be the most valuable. It is important to be thorough: checking the backs of drawers and cupboards for items that may have been put away or forgotten. Furniture can also contain secret compartments which should also be checked for valuables. Here are some examples in the press:

Our team are here to help. We begin with sorting - the process of identifying and grouping items into categories. In any large estate or collection, there are usually three categories of items: 

  1. Valuable or Rare items. Retain or consign to our recommended specialist sale or dealer.

  2. Mid Range and General items. Retain or consign to our recommended local general auction solution.

  3. Donate items. Retain or send to appropriate charitable organisations. 

Once the sorting is complete, we assess the items and advise on the appropriate selling options. We provide a complementary proposal which contains clear, impartial and informed recommendations on the next steps.

My team are here to alleviate the challenges of an inheritance. I offer practical and impartial advice from small items to complete home contents. For a complimentary, no obligation chat about your project, contact us today.

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