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We provide a hands-on and personable service to help you during what is often a difficult or emotional time. RWC are independent, impartial and work on behalf of the estate to maximise results.
We assist clients with a single item, small collection through to significant and complex estates.


  • Sorting valuables / non-valuables

  • Decluttering

  • Home contents inventory

  • Fair division

  • What to keep and what to sell

  • Auction selling recommendations

  • Insurance valuation certificates

  • Restoration and conservation advice

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need a probate report?

Helps executors meet their fiduciary duty and requirements of the estate. Each report will provide you with current market values, taking the guesswork out of your probate valuation. Knowing this allows the estate to make the best decisions around fair division, gifting, restoration and selling.

2. What does your probate report provide?

RWC will assess the home contents in person or via supplied photos and produce a report that provides the estate with an inventory, descriptions and current market prices on items of value. From here, we advise on the best options for the estate. Again, we take the guesswork out of what items do and don't have value.

3. How much does the probate report cost?

The fee for a standard probate report (typical 1 bedroom apartment) is $500 which includes 1 hour of time reviewing the items. If additional time is needed, this is charged at $150 per hour. Please note additional fees apply for site visits outside of Greater Sydney Area.